Happy Halloween!

Happy HalloweenThank you for supporting the After School Program!

Haunted Art

Wishing you and your families a safe and Happy Halloween!  Here are some for the haunted projects that were crafted during Miss Durup’s after school art classes.


Ghoulish details on this haunted boat.


Who knew that eyeballs made such great accessories.

In addition to the haunted boats, some students created these scaaaaaary abodes…notice the terrorizing landscapes they created.


Ghoulishly detailed pumpkin.


Skulls, eyeballs, bloody fingers…oh my!


Accessorizing to “grab” one’s attention?


Cutely horrifying!


Scary water feature in this landscape.


Happy Halloween!


Dangerous residents in this haunted house.

The Gathering Spot

The East Garden is the gathering spot for students participating in the After School Program. It’s a beautiful, spacious spot for them to put down their backpacks, visit with classmates, make new friends, and just shake off the school day.   On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Ms. Abrams (Assistant Teacher in 2N) assists with the large group of students who gather, and on Tuesday and Thursdays, I have them all to myself.

After passing out snacks and water , we get to hear about their day; learn Four Square from some very competitive students; share in their favorite foods and some not-so-favorite foods; watch the older students teach the younger ones what they have learned; participate in some crazy dancing; and just enjoy each other in a relaxed atmosphere. On Fridays, we have a special treat; it’s usually Pirate Booty, but it breaks the monotony of the pretzel snack and brings the week to a nice end.  Thanks to Mr. Fine, Mr. Latu, and Mr. Romulo, the snacks for your children are ready when your children arrive.  In an effort not to add to the plastic waste, we are going to install water fountains in the East Garden.  Our gathering spot is becoming quite the popular place to be.

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And We’re Off…

Mirman’s 2013-2014 After School Program (ASP) is off to a great start.  Session One started on Monday, September 9th with the highest enrollment  since the beginning of the program.  The new feature this year is the length of the program as well a a change in the structure.   Students gather in the East Garden after dismissal where they mingle with each other and take a break from the school day.  Snacks and water are offered.  Classes begin at 3:20 p.m. and run for 90 minutes.  Parents can pick their students anytime between 4:50 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.   In addition, parents have the option to have their child ride the “late bus” which departs at 5:00 p.m.  This is a great option for those who live or work on the bus route.


Exercising laughter and silliness in Latin and Mythology.

A variety of classes are offered this session, ranging from fun on the field, to honing one’s craft in the art room.  Putting their backpacks and laptops down, students run to Field and Court Games refereed by Coach Coleman and Coach Rodriguez ; to avoid one’s dog eating one’s homework, students can hurry over to the Homework Hub where Mrs. Otto guides them in planning and executing all assignments; Miss Durup shares her expertise with students in projects that bring out their crafty side as well as those that teach them digital and fine art techniques; Magistra Crain leads her pack through the obstacle course of treachery and drama in Latin and Mythology; the Drama Club with acclaimed director Jeff Maynard draws students out of their shells using the tricks of the theatre; Ms. Stevens encourages a can-do attitude in her WeDo Robotics class; Chinese with Yuan Yuan takes our students on a cultural and linguistic journey through China; the little ones sharpen their culinary skills while expanding their knowledge of foodie literature in Miss Cueno’s Read It Then Cook It class;  students shake off their wiggles and strategize with Miss Rourick as they play the Mirman Way; and future soccer sensations practice their skills on the field as they head for the goal with Coach Leonardi.


Poised to score a goooooaaaaaaallllllllll!

In addition to our own Mirman teacher’s sharing their love for their craft, Parker Anderson Enrichment also offers an array of classes.  Our students can reach for the stars with the rocket science class, master their poise and footwork with fencing, learn about anything that is slimy, creepy, or crawly with the Critter Squad, or hang onto their queen with the chess class.


Tapping technology to sharpen chess skills.

Session One is well underway and our students seem to be enjoying the after school offerings.  Parents also seem to appreciate the extended hours.  Please visit this blog periodically to share in  the enrichment, camaraderie, and fun that your children experience after school.

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